My Poems

By Andy Massengale

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Snow oh sweet, sweet snow

How I love you

When you fall

School is out

You allow

Me to sled

You help me build a snowman

Snow oh sweet, sweet snow

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My strength is like a bear

My speed is like a cheetah

My spirit is like an eagle

My skills are like a squirrel

My looks are like a peacock

My poem is misplaced like a squirrel's nuts

I am everything nature

I am the air beneath a bird's wings

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Color poem

Black is a clear dark night

Black is my bedroom

Black smells like fresh licorice

Black tastes like warm blackberry cobbler

Black sound like a grill with delicious barbeque

Black feels like smooth warm pavement

Black makes me happy

Black is outer space

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There once was a snake

His name was Jake

He got on a boat

Began to float

But he soon found out he was a fake

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Slipping, Tearing, Falling

Eating is like being in food heaven


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I am a puddle
Running off the ground
Sloshing around on pavement
Getting stepped on
Having no control over what I do
Going wherever
I am a puddle

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Games are sweet
Awesome characters
Many customization
Exceptionally good at fighting games
Really skilled

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I jumped over the moon
Then I began to fall from the sky
Faster than Sound
I then began to fly
Soaring like a rocket
Yet slowly falling
Like a snail
Traveling faster than light
I knew it was a fail
I dodged a bird
Then landed

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Makes me think of

Winter makes me think of cold

Cold makes me think of blankets

Blankets make me think of warmth

Warmth makes me think of fire

Fire makes me think of smoke

Smoke makes me think of storms

Storms makes me think of winter