6th Grade Technology

Ella Osterlund

Learn To Type

When you first come to 6th grade technology, it will probably be the same routine as you did in the beginning of the year, this would be the typing or the "Learn To Type." You should now know how to correctly place your hands on the keyboard and to try looking at the screen instead of your keyboard. You also need to finish certain courses to get either a 3 or a 4. (I would aim for a 4.)

Career Locker

Now, all of you are probably familiar with Career Locker by now, this year you will start to look at and understand your choices for jobs, colleges, etc. This year you will be playing many fun games on Career Locker and taking polls to determine where you can take your smarts. This session usually lasts about 5 class periods of a month, but it is very educational and important to know.

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck, is something that comes out of career locker after your 5 class periods, you will have to create a presentation to share with your whole class and include the following.

1. The dream job that you picked and some day want to become.

2. Information on that dream job.

3. What college you want to attend and how you are going to get there.

4. You should NOT include how much you would make and your presentation needs to have at least 10 slides and none less.


The iTrailer is another unit where we get to pick any topic and make it into a trailer. It could be anything from family to scary, (just nothing bad.) We have class time to work on it and home, you can import pictures and videos. Then, you get the choice to share it or if you would like to keep it private. Good Luck!


The coding unit should be familiar to you (unless you were not here for your 5th grade year) if its that case then welcome to Lineville! As you go on the courses you move onto will get harder and harder. First, though you just start out with the classic angry birds and go on with the zombie part. Have Fun!

Explain Everything

This unit in fairly easy, you pick from a range of math problems and then solve the problem, sounds easy right? Well, there is more to it. You must create 2 or more slides and then, well explain how you are going to solve the math problem. You may only use your finger when you are solving, other then that you must type. This is not something that is shared with the class, just Mrs. Myers, so do your best work!