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Sam escapes prison December 16, 2015 Forney, TX $1.00

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Brain Jack /Sam Escapes Prison

Advice Column

Sam is in prison and Sam is trying to find a way to get out of prison. Kiwi is helping Sam and himself escape out of prison. When Sam escapes he finds this place called the CDD were he is hired. Sam invents a new technology headset that Vienna doesn't like. He helps the CDD agency find a way to control technology without using a controller. The entire CDD was taught how to make things jump, roll, run and stop. He became the leader of the CDD agency. Vienna doesn't like the headset Sam made she tries to convince him into going back to the old headset but it does not work. When his friend Kiwi started working there he was amazed at how many plasma TV/s there was. Sam taught Kiwi the first line of defense was never to tell anybody about the CDD agency. After this, Sam taught Kiwi that the Nuero headset picks up feed frow, TV cameras, makes deaf people hear. Sam taught Kiwi that there is always someone better than you in life, but you should always strive to be better than your peers. Sam always protects Kiwi no mater what. When Sam was in prison Kiwi had his back now he is out of prison they both still have each others back. When Sam is in a bad situation Kiwi tries to see what he can do to make the situation better. Sam always tries to help make kiwi successful. In life if your ever in prison you are supposed to face your time instead of making a bad decision on escaping prison that can be a high risk. What if you get caught, then the judge is going to add more years to your stay in prison. Stay away from trouble to keep from being in prison. Always have a goal to be successful in life example. Get your education! Try to obtain a scholarship to attend college. Have a plan on what you want to be when you grow up. Like me I plan to go to Texas Tech and I want to be a Forensic Engineer. I want to get a scholarship in band playing as a Percussionist on the drum line team

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Movie Review

After many people saw the new headset, Sam started to build new ones. Sam started looking for new designs, colors and effects like being able to listen to music while you are using he headset to work at any job. When he got done with the designs for the headset he trained the entire CDD like he had been trained, he had to teach them how to move items around without touching them. Just by thinking about the movement. Whatever you think the headset does but Sam said you can't just operate the device any way. You have to make it do what you want it to do. He had to teach them things like how to make people run, roll and any movement. When Sam found out his friend Kiwi was hired at the CDD he wanted Kiwi to be his partner. Every sense Kiwi started working at the CDD they became even closer, like brothers. Sam taught Kiwi that the first line of defense is, you cant tell no one about the CDD no matter what. Sam taught Kiwi all the rules that you have to follow in the CDD agency. The main rule is defense. Sam introduced Kiwi to everybody, especially Vienna. She was mad at Sam because he came in her office to introduce Kiwi with out asking to come in also, because everybody likes the new Nuero headset better then the old one she made and she is jealous of his headset.
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Vienna does not like Sam new Nuero headset so, Vienna tries to change Sams mind into bringing back to the old Nuero headset . So Vienna tries to find away to convince Sam into changing the headset. First Vienna tells Sam to compare the new headset to the old headset, to see which is more comfortable, which sounds better, or feels better. Then she asked other people for their opinion to see which headset is better, the new headset or the old headset. 50 percent of the people said the old one was better, 99 percent said the new one was better. Then Sam and Kiwi found away to make more of the new Nuero headset . If Vienna sees that more people likes the new headset, Sam might not get fired. If she she just doesn't like anything about the New Nuero headset Vienna is going to fire Sam and go back to the old Nuero headset.

Advertisement/For Nuero headset

The Nuero headsets purpose is to be able to play games and turn the TV channel without having to waste money to use a controller. Instead you can learn how to use your brain more and it helps your brain function better. Most people use their brain only at school and at work. That is how people forget how to do things because they haven't learned new things in so long. Example when you grow up and graduate most people will not go to college. Instead they get a job and they don't keep learning the same information to refresh their mind. The Nuero headset helps you learn how motion works and how to use it in different ways and how to make people run, walk, how to use the force in games like Star Wars. Instead of only making your body move the objects, the Nuero headset teaches you how to make your brain do what you want it to do and your body does the movements. The Nuero headset helps you with hand and eye coordination. Average cost $200.
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