Barney - The Green Grass Grows All Around (SONG)

Dear families,

Our class began exploring our new study unit: Trees! We were observing and comparing trees. We read the story Chica Chica Boom Boom and Sid the Seed. During our circle time, we were smelling coffee beans. Next week, we will learn about what lives in them, what they are made from, and who cares for them. We hope that this study will help children explore and appreciate nature. As we study trees, we will use literacy, math, and technology to explore the topic in depth. We will also learn important social studies and scientific concepts through firsthand investigations.

If you are able to take a "tree walk" with your child, we would appreciate your help in collecting tree parts to investigate. If you can, please take a bag to a tree area and collect things that have fallen, such as leaves, bark, twigs, branches, etc.

We need your help to enrich the children's learning! If you work with trees, or know about trees please let us know! Perhaps you're a gardener, forester, tree trimmer, trimmer, tree farmer or might know someone who is.

Exploring and investigating Trees

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We had our mystery readers on Wednesday. Thank your for coming to PK4.1

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During circle time, choice time and small groups

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Story

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Chicka chicka Boom Boom song

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom (Alphabet Song) | Animated Nursery Rhymes | Children Full Songs

Tip of the week

You can help your child explore and appreciate nature by learning about trees. Invite your child to talk about trees. Share stories about your favorite childhood memories involving trees and games you might have played around them. Wonder aloud with your child to encourage his or her thinking about trees.

“I wonder why leaves fall from trees”

“I wonder what makes some trees grow so big”

At home collect parts of trees, and encourage to sort them.


trees, leaves, branches, limbs, fruits, nuts, seeds, pine cones, potted tree, flower, bark, acorn, twigs,roots, stem, trunks, photosynthesis, conifers, broadleaf, plants, soil, water, sun, air,Rain,Wind, Petal, Stamen, stigma, Pollen, Blossom, Garden


-Family Fun Fair

-No toys to school

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Sid The Seed