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Diary of a wimpy kid

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My name is Ashanti and I'm your host for tonight .APPLAUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!.Tonight we will be bring out the World wide (Best New York seller book) Diary of a wimpy kid crew .APPLAUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Welcome back to Book hall of fame

We have sitting right hear the cast and the author from diary of a wimpy kid.

Tell me how did you come up with the idea of making a funny entertaining book and move?

Jeff (author):Well I came up with the idea in 1998 in a small apartment in Massachusetts. There wasn't really much of him just a doddle on a little sketch pad . Then my partner Zach that's watching backstage , and said Zach I would like To make a book / comic out of this sketch .But eleven year later Zach got really hook to the character Greg and Zach said" I would like to go in live action With this Character and said what do you mean "Live action" he said Jeff like a movie.

Hearing from Zach

Gerg heffley didn't spring fully it took a long time for Greg to develop .At first Greg was a stick figure but now he has develop .

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This question is for our viewer that are watching us ...........Why do you think that Diary of a wimpy kid deserves a honor?? After this break we will show the opinions people gave us...

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This what some of our viewer said.... I think that Diary of a wimpy kid should be honor ,because theses books tell a story about the life now and things in the future .Like the first book was about how to get through middle school ,the second one was about dealing with siblings. and the third one was about surviving through the summer and I think each book or movie that Jeff Kinney makes it will always have a message in .You just have to look for it and that's why I think Diary of a wimpy should be honor. Thank you.

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Did y'all enjoy the cast of Diary of a wimpy kid.(Crowd cheers)

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