The Boy Who Dared

Book By: Susan Campbell Bartoletti / Page By: Dylan Aponte


This book is about a young man named Helmuth Hübner (1925-1942), who lived in nazi Germany. He didn't understand why the nazis hated Jews so much. He himself belonged to a church, and found it very disturbing that these people that he had known all his life were disapearing. He was also very upset about the boycotting of Jewish owned stores. And he was determined to stand up against Nazi oppresion. What happens to Helmuth in this fight for his rights. If you want to find out more read the book.

The Theme of the Book

I believe the theme is that you should always stand up for what you believe in. Helmuth demonstrates this multiple time is the book. The nazis said the didn't want another war and Helmuth would write fliers about how the nazis were evil liars who would cause the another war. And they did. He also had a roll model. There was a man who he called Brother Worbs (he was a priest at the church Helmuth Went to) and he went to was caught speaking out against the nazis banning radio that wasn't German, and how it was all a load of nazi propaganda. He later disappeared but returned in a terrible condition, beaten, bruised, and starved by the nazis.

Changes from real life.

There were some changes from what actually happened. There were only slight changes from what happened, the only changes that occurred were some names were changed, and some things were added in to the book based on what he probably felt in some parts of the book.

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