Prince of England Castle


The Prince of England's Castle is just for you.

This $10,250,915 castle is just for the person reading this, A.K.A. you. Do you ever feel like a prince, well its time to start feeling like a king. There are so many amazing features inside and outside this house, and five of them include:

  • You can see the country for miles,
  • the house is 100% gold limestone,
  • comes with a free tanning bed -bed,
  • comes with natural air conditioning,
  • and the best security system in the country

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Time to feel like a King.

The castle is so big you can see over the mountain, this is why this castle is the one for you. You'll have so much peace in this castle; you won’t have so much stress in your life anymore. The Rocky Mountains are just feet away from your dream castle.

No work needs done, 100% refurbished, ready to move in, furniture is provided.