Chinese Culture

Chinese Traditions

Chinese medicine

The Chinese use Tai chi, which is a form of body movements and meditation, to improve their health.

They also use herbs in tea to treat thing like asthma and soar throats.

Chinese Traditions

Traditional clothing

Most people dressed in the shenyi style of clothing. It was made from a tunic and trousers or a skirt sewn together like it was one piece.

Traditional Chinese Food

Traditional Chinese buildings

Chinese superstitions

They do not use the number 4 on houses or vehicles. They belive it is unlucky, because in their language the number 4 sounds like the word for 'death'.

Another superstition is that if they don't keep there face nicely shaved they will have bad luck

Chinese Art

Chinese Zodiac

There are twelve animals that represent each year of the Chinese calandar.
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They mostly do the things that we do,for exam:Badminton,foot ball and so on.
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The CP Rail Way and the Chinese immigrants.

Canada wanted a railway to stretch from one side of the country to the other side. Chinese immigrants were hired for $1.00 a day and were given the most back-breaking and dangerous work. Many Chinese workers were killed by landslides and dynamite blasts. When the CP rail way was completed in 1885, many Chinese people returned to China, but many could not afford the ride back. The people that stayed in Canada had to find other jobs.