The survival Guide

The beginning

I was on a hunting trip and my plane crashes in the Grassland. No one else is alive except and its the middle of the night. I had a pocket knife a pistol and a sniper rifle. I was lucky I had the those items.

My First promblem

It Was still in the middle of the night I had no shelter at all. I was wearing warm clothes to keep me warm. I took some of the tall grass for rope to make a shelter. I waited for the morning to come to cut down some trees. By the next morning the plane fire stop burning and I sacavage it. I did find a lighter and a small axe. Everything else was burnt or broken.

My shelter

The morning I cut down some trees and started to make a shelter. I used the tall grass to tie logs to connect them together. I didn't make my house fancy at all. I made it live able so I can be protected from any danger. I kept my lighter and and weapons in there except my pistol.


I used the sniper rifle to hunt animals to eat. I was lucky to survive from a cheetah chasing me. I used the cheetah to eat and its fur to make a bed to sleep. I tried not to eat a lot of the food quick so I keep my ammunition.


I needed water and fast. I was super dehydrated and I was super lucky to find a lake.

The lake was fresh but it was still was good. But if you want fresher water heat it up.

The End

I think a year later I found some people hunting for zebras and they found me. The took me back too missouri and I was very lucky to live


There are cheetahs, Zebras, lions, ostriches, antelopes, buffalos, elephants, kangaroos and giraffes. I got a question have you ever wanted too ride in a kangaroo's pouch.