Coaching With Cooper

Volume One Issue Nine

Upcoming Events

  • Oct. 18: Reports Cards given out in 1st period.
  • Oct. 20: All students will take a Mock ASPIRE Writing Assessment in their Language Arts class.
  • Oct. 21: Middle School Instructional Coaches will visit Meridianville. (Data Room only)
  • Oct. 24: Faculty Meeting after school in the Library Media Center
  • Oct. 24: Tip off Basketball Tournament at Liberty
  • Oct. 24-28: Comliance Monitoring (more info to come)
  • Oct. 26: Language Arts Teachers score Mock Assessment
  • Oct. 27: PST
  • Oct. 28: Technology Plan Due and Technology Integration Mentor Meeting
  • Nov. 1: Progress Reports
  • Nov. 2: BLT Meeting at the Jackson Center
  • Nov. 3: First Home Basketball game
  • Nov. 4: Math/Science Semester Exam Planning

Instructional Rounds

We will look at the exact information the visiting team provided at our Oct. 24 Faculty Meeting. We will have several guiding questions to discuss. The goal will be as a faculty to design our next steps in working toward our Focus of Practice. Jennifer Taylor, our Middle School Specialist, will be with us to lend a helping hand with the process.

Again, I want to thank Mrs. Miller for working with our Ambassadors. They did a great job and seem to enjoy leading.

As just a side note, all the visitors were very realistic about their suggestions. I think you will find the guiding questions to be positive challenges.

PLC: An interesting Article

A Professional Learning Community is not something that is new to us. I have learned that each school organizes their PLC differently and it also means different things to different schools. In very simplified terms, it is a resource/tool for growing as an educator.

I follow many educators and educator organization on Twitter(Which is one of Professional Learning Communities) of them is Education World. Education World re-tweeted a tweet by Stacey Swan. I don't know anything about her other that in her profile she is a Middle School Principal. She posted the article below this week and it caught my attention.

From Chaos to Coherence:Managing Stress while Teaching

I have always struggled with managing my stress. I found this article insightful, very realistic, and helpful. I hope that you will all find time to read the article.