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Issue 3.2 | May 1, 2014

Skate 3 by Jamal C.

Skate 3 is an action packed skateboarding game where players have to make enough board sales to get to the top of the other skaters. There are many different game modes like hall of meat where every player has to break bones in order to get promoted, and it is my personal favorite mode. Team challenges are when players and their teammates have to complete skateboard competitions. OTS, also known as Own The Spot, is when the players have to reach a certain amount of point in one try. I have to admit that these were a pain to me. There are many more other challenges that can really get most players excited like death races, trick competitions, best trick etc.

The next topic is the team editor. What that is, is when a player can edit another player’s person and their team at one place. They can also change their team name or create another. Plus, players can choose a logo to go with their team name.

Skateparks. That’s all I need to say, skateparks. In this game players can download a skatepark or make one. If they don’t want to make a skatepark or buy membership to download one, then they can choose from the variety of skateparks that the game can give the player. The things that I think are the coolest in this game are all of the special features. Those features consist of free play where the players can teleport to the biggest skateparks they will ever see. I also love that the game is not just mission after mission they can actually roam around the world. I think that it is cool that the players can get off of the skateboard if they get stuck, but I sometimes think that maybe the game should be called Walk 3 instead of Skate 3.

In conclusion, I will highly recommend anyone to buy this game for their children or for themselves (available on Xbox, PS3, and pc) ENJOY! If you are interested to see the trailer click the link below.

Skate 3 - Official Launch Trailer [HD]
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X Games by Taimur D

The X games are a competition focused on sports such as snowboarding, skateboarding, dirt biking, BMXing, and mega ramp skating. In this article I will focus mostly on the summer 2014 X games and the events of Skateboarding and Mega ramp skating. First Skateboarding this event consists of elimination events to win this event you need to have more points than the person in last place. Some of the favored skaters in this event is Nyjah Huston, Paul Rodriguez, Luan Oliveira, and Ryan Sheckler. Mega ramp skating is the same thing and uses the same rules as regular skating except the ramps are bigger and go up to 80ft. Some of the favored are Bob Burnquist, Jagger Eaton, and Tom Scharr. The X games will be in Austin, Texas from June 5-8 on ESPN.

Nike Elite Series by T. M.

Every year Nike makes an elite version of their shoes and especially their top three basketball players Kevin Durant (KD) Lebron James and Kobe Bryant (Kobe). This year Nike elite series pushed the price up way too much in my opion normal the KD 6 shoes retail at $130 and the Nike elite series if the KD 6 is $200. And all they changed is a few looks. Which is a $70 increase. The Lebron 11 shoes are $200 normally and the elite series is $275 dollars and the same thing only a few things are changed. The Kobe 9’s are new so they are $250 dollars and they stay the same it was a new color way but that is ok because they left the price at $250. Even if it does not look that different all that really matters is if they perform better. From what I know is that they do not perform to different or better.