Eternal Rest Funeral Home

Coping with the loss of a loved one

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What we offer:

Eternal Rest is a funeral home that goes beyond the planning of a funeral. With extra assistance from therapists and psychologists to help families cope with the loss of a loved one. Providing guidance through all phases of planning including:
-Burial plots
-Caskets/ Urns
-Assessing in reading of trusts and wills
-Information of cremation vs burial options
-Financial assistance
-How will you contact family and friends of a death?
-Contact local newspapers with death obituary
-Who is going to speak at the funeral/burial?
-What does your loved on want to be buried with?
-Who will be doing their hair & clothing?
-What cultural ideals should be included?
-Remember transportation for all elders & disabled

Touch making decisions?

Many people find it hard to make simple decisions when experiencing a death. Eternal Rest is here to help families, friends and individuals to make final decisions for those they are laying to rest. Our team at Eternal Rest helps individuals in their decision process from before a death to a final resting place. We have specialists that help explain the differences in burials, cremations and how the processes are done. We help to provide services including how the funeral ceremony will be arranged, what songs, passages, quotes, poems or stories will be spoken of. We help to guide the family to find resources they need such as burial sites, mosques or headstone designers. We help to make every process in planning a funeral as smooth and easy as possible.