Peloponnese Trip

Cultural Observations

Farmer's Strike

To met, this trip showed more of true Greek culture than Athens because we were more away form the main cities. We were in smaller towns, and I think that it was more Greek people than immigrants. One thing that stood out to me was during the strike. As we walked in to the gas station, we were walking between all of the farmers that were protesting and honestly, I thought it was a little frightening. I had no idea what was going to happen, but as we stood there, the men were all smiling at us and seemed to be welcoming and warming. I realize that they are just standing up for what they work for, and they are not trying to harm anyone. They even opened the protest so that a wedding ceremony could come through, and everyone clapped and celebrated. It was cool to see an aspect of community even in a small town in a different country. Overall, I find the Greek culture to be one that really embraces community and relationships and I am very appreciative of that. I wish that we were more welcoming like they are, and I hope that is something I can take back home with me.