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April 8, 2016

Welcome Back From Spriing Break

I hope that everyone had a fun spring break. We are in the final push of the year. I can't believe how fast this year is going. We have 4 weeks before we start end of the year testing in reading. We are working hard to get to a level M. Please encourage your child to read at least 15 minutes a night. Talk about what they are reading a couple of times a week.

Ask questions like:

What lesson does this story teach?

How did ___________ feel at the end of the story? Why did he feel this way?

What could be another title for this book?

Describe the main idea of this text. Use three key details to support your answer.

What happened in the beginning, middle and end. (Have them just tell the most important parts, because they will have to write it-- and most do not like to write much.)

Math Games

I am sending home two math games to practice 2d shapes-- they are quick little fun games to practice. Try to play at least once. I am also sending home a personal anchor chart they have in their math journals- to help students.

Important Dates:

April 14

All Pro Dads 7:30 am

Daddy / Daughter Dance @ EMIS 6-8 pm

April 20

Early Release Day

April 21

Ice Cream Night @ Mooresville Ice Cream


April 18-26 Our preview day is April 21 and our buying day is April 25

April 26

2nd grade Spring Performance @ 6:00

Enhancement Next Week

Monday: Music

Tuesday I-Station

Wednesday- PE

Thursday- Enrichment

Friday- No Specials- Kindergarten testing

What we are learning:

Reading: We worked on looking for details in the story and inferencing. We read a story about Michael Jordan as a child - the book is Salt in His Shoes. Ask your child why Michael's mom put salt in his shoes.

Math- we learned about 2D shapes. We have to know a triangle, rectangle, square, hexagon, pentagon, and octagon. We also have to know and identify quadrilaterals (a shape with 4 sides and 4 angles- vertices) We also have to know and identify polygons (a closed shape that has at least 3 straight sides).

Writing- This quarter we will work on all the types of writing. This week we worked on personal narratives and are also worked on writing biography of Michael Jordan.