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GWC Newsletter: November 8, 2020

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House Reveals!!

House reveals were a success this past Friday for our face-to-face scholars! They popped balloons while social distancing. An exciting time indeed. Check out the pics below to see some of the F-U-N!

If you are a virtual learner, make sure you check the mail all throughout the weekend. Take a picture and post it using the hashtag #GWCHouseReveals2020

*If you don't receive a letter by Wed., Nov. 11th, please inform Ms. Wesson*

Cowboy Victory Monday

Tomorrow is Cowboy victory Monday!! That’s right! If the home team is victorious against the Steelers, everyone is encouraged to wear cowboy t-shirts or jerseys. Remember, this is only for the HOME TEAM (no other teams allowed) and this is only when the Cowboys are victorious!

Benchmark Testing

District Benchmarks we will take place for all subjects, this week.

Monday (ELAR test) and Tuesday (Math test), scholars will report to their 5th period class in the morning.

  • The test will take place from 7:45am – 11:45am
  • Campus Wide Lunch: 12pm – 12:30pm
  • Asynchronous Learning: 12:30pm – 3:15pm
  • Scholars will rejoin 5th period by 3:10 for the afternoon announcements

Wednesday (Science test) and Thursday (Social Studies test), scholars will report to their 5th period class in the morning.

  • The test will take place from 8am - 10am
  • The campus will run on an abbreviated schedule, with all seven periods.

Student Screener

Parents whose scholars are face-to-face learning, please utilize this link to complete the student screener daily.


Face-to-Face Information


  • Scholars will be allowed to enter the building starting at 7am.
  • Scholars who arrive via the car rider line will have their temperature checked before exiting their vehicle. If their temperature is 100 degrees or higher, they will not be allowed to enter the building for face-to-face instruction.
  • Scholars who walk to school will have their temperatures taken at the door before entry. If their temperature is 100 degrees or higher, they will be escorted to the isolation room to wait for a parent/guardian.
  • Scholars who ride the bus to school will have their temperatures taken at the door before entry. If their temperature is 100 degrees or higher, they will be escorted to the isolation room to wait for a parent/guardian.
  • Upon entry, scholars will proceed to the cafeteria and/or girls’ gym. The scholars will be dismissed at 7:15am to their 1st period classes.
-Scholars who are eating breakfast will report to the cafeteria.
-Scholars who are not eating breakfast will report to the girls’ gym


Carver will have a 100% controlled dismissal for the 2020-2021 School Year.

  • Car riders whose cars are outside before 3:00 will be called to exit the building immediately following the afternoon announcements. These scholars will exit the building out the front doors.
  • Walkers will be called to exit the building through the side doors by the airplane.
  • All remaining car riders and bus riders will be called as their rides arrive. These scholars will remain in their classrooms until they are called to exit the building.

If there are any remaining car riders remaining after the allotted dismissal time, they will be called to sit in the foyer six feet apart.


  • Scholars who choose to eat breakfast will be directed into the cafeteria to eat.
  • If a scholar finishes breakfast before 7:15am they will report to the girls’ gym to create space for another scholar to eat.
  • Scholars will be released to their classrooms from the cafeteria at 7:15am.
  • Scholars will be allowed to obtain breakfast until 7:25am.


  • Scholars will proceed to lunch while social distancing.
  • Scholars will sit two max to a table. Seating is marked by an “X”.
  • Scholars will be seated in the cafeteria, the foyer and boys’ gym.


  • Only one scholar will be released at a time (from their classroom) to the restroom.
  • The restrooms on the 100 hallway will be the only restrooms open at this time.
  • The restrooms will be monitored to ensure only one scholar is in the restroom at a time.
  • The 10 minute before, 10 minute after rule still applies.

Isolation Room:

  • The isolation room will be located in room 300.
  • The door to the isolation room is to remain closed at all times.
  • PPE is REQUIRED at all times in this room. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • All entries and exits will take place through the side door.

Passing Periods:

  • Scholars will be released from class at the sound of the bell, progressively but quickly.
  • Professors will create the 6ft of space as they exit.
  • All professors will stand in the middle of their respective hallways to actively monitor and ensure social distancing while walking in the hallway.
  • Masks and face shields are a requirement. They are to be worn at all times.
  • The scholars will have a five-minute passing period.
  • Scholars are not allowed to enter restrooms during passing periods, unless they permission from a professor and the professor can ensure they are the only person in the restroom at that time.

Campus Procedures/Protocol:

  • There will be no visitors allowed in the building.
  • Birthday parties/lunch drop offs are prohibited this school year.
  • In the case of an early pick up, the parent will call the front office. A member of the office staff will come out and retrieve all necessary information to release the scholar. The scholar will be called down to the front office and then escorted to their parent.
  • Every member of the GWC staff, as well any district personnel, are required to complete the COVID Screener when entering the building. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Restrooms and common areas will be frequently sanitized and disinfected throughout the day.
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Bus Routes

The buses will begin running Monday, Oct. 26th!! Please click on the bus for the district bus routes. Enter your address and you will receive the bus number, pick up time, as well as location.

Face Shields

Click on the picture for my new favorite face "anti-fog" face shields.

Stay Connected Survey Timeline

Parents will have the opportunity to select virtual eLearning or face-to-face or the date ranges below:

Survey Dates:

November 30th for Learning Period Dec. 14th - Jan. 29th

January 18th for Learning Period Feb. 1st - March 12th

March 1st for Learning Period March 22nd - April 23rd

April 5th for Learning Period April 26th - June 4th

Virtual Expectations

  • Scholars are expected to be on time to their virtual classes. 1st period begins at 7:30 am, log-in as early as 7:15 am.
  • School uniforms are not required during online learning, however attire must be appropriate. No pajamas, revealing clothing or head gear allowed.
  • All cameras are required to be on during virtual classes.
  • Persistent misbehavior/classroom disruptions will not be tolerated.
  • Remain muted until asked to un-mute.

LISD Health Advisory Council

The L.I.S.D. School Health Advisory Council (S.H.A.C.) is looking to add parents who would love to help promote healthy lifestyles for our students, staff, and community. If you are interested in joining this council, please email Ms. Wesson at rickylwesson@lancasterisd.org.

Drive-thru Family Christmas Experience

“Rebuilding Communities from the Inside Out”

The Christ Giving Outreach 2020 is an outreach effort by The Turn Around Agenda. It will take place on Saturday, December 5, 2020. Families will be blessed with toys for each school-aged child (13 to 17-year-old will receive a gift card) and food items for the Christmas season through a drive-thru experience. Registration will end on November 13, 2020. Families will be able to participate in our The Turn Around Agenda 360 program, which is designed to assist individuals and families with supportive services to make a turnaround in their life and equip them to reach back and help another individual or family do the same thing. There are only a few spots left!

The link for registration and more information is: https://form.jotform.com/202936503529053

Meal Distribution

  • Multiple meals will be distributed on Monday and Wednesday consisting of a breakfast, lunch and dinner from 10:00 A.M. to 12:30 P.M.
  • Meals will be distributed at the students’ home campus.
  • Meals are free for all students PreK through 8th grade.

In addition to curb-side pick-up, meal will be distributed to select apartment complexes. Deliveries will occur Monday and Wednesday from 11am - 11:30am and 11:45am - 12:15pm.

Please complete and submit a meal delivery pre-order from each Tuesday by 9am to pre-order the meal you would like to receive, the following week. The pre-order form will be emailed to those in the qualifying apartments.

Please read the flyer, below, for more detailed information.

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This Week's Birthday

Sun., Nov. 8th:

Vincent Allen

Sa'Niyah Harris

Mon., Nov. 9th:

Everette Jordan, Jr.

Tues., Nov. 10th:

Dina Hanan

Kamerion Thames

Wed., Nov. 11th:

Cashmere Cephus

Thurs., Nov. 12th:

Yacoub Barry

Tsi'Keith Bennett

Ericka White

James Whitehead, Jr.

Fri., Nov. 13th:

Chloe Williams

Sat., Nov. 14th:

Treniti Galloway

Joseph Hairston