Mr. Bennett's Classroom Update

November 10th - 20th


We are knee deep in our country research reports! Your third grader has been working hard to get to know the country they are researching. We have been working on taking notes, writing a thesis statement, and developing topic sentences over the past few weeks.

We will continue to focus on research throughout the reminder of the 2nd quarter. In the next two weeks, we will be focusing on writing an introduction, developing our subtopic paragraphs, as well as looking for ways we might be able to add voice (similes) into our reports.

Be sure to ask your third grader to share what subtopics they have chosen to write about in their research report. Your student has been working hard to develop their subtopic paragraphs and I am sure they would love to share some of the information they have learned with you!


We just finished up our second Reading unit last week. Be sure to keep your eyes open for the results of the second unit test. My hope is to have these come home in the Friday Folder on November 14th.

Here is a breakdown of skills and strategies we will be covering over the next two weeks.

Week of November 10th:

Genre: Folktale

Comprehension Skill: Problem Solution

Comprehension Strategy: Visualization

Vocabulary Skill: Synonyms

Grammar: Verbs and Quotation Marks

Spelling Focus: r-controlled vowels

Week of November 17th:

Genre: Historical Fiction

Comprehension Skill: Cause and Effect

Comprehension Strategy: Visualization

Vocabulary Skill: Idioms

Grammar: Verb Tense (past, present, and future)

Spelling Focus: /ar/ and /or/

If you are looking for ideas to check your student's reading comprehension at home here are some questions you might ask:

- What is the problem in your story? What are some steps you think are being taken to find a solution to this problem?

- Have your child identify one example of cause and effect from the story they are reading.


In Math, we have been working with probability. Your 3rd grader has been working on identifying the probability of an event taking place, describing probability in both words and numbers, and predicting the probability of an event taking place. We will be wrapping up this chapter in the next few days.

Looking forward, we will be moving on to everyone's favorite topic FRACTIONS! During this unit your child will be learning to read and write fractions, find a fractional part of a group, and use fractions to solve word problems.

Be sure to keep working on those basic addition and subtraction facts. If your child has mastered both addition and subtraction, feel free to get started working on multiplication and division basic facts (0-10).

Unit Studies

In Unit Studies, we are studying fossils. We kicked off this unit with a trip to Morrill Hall on The University of Nebraska campus. The kids had a great time and learned about being a paleontologist and adaptations animals have had to make in order to survive in the wild.

During our unit your 3rd grader will get the opportunity to create a fossil and examine it during Science class. We will also take a closer look at how ancient organisms lived, fossils in Nebraska, as well as, analyzing different types of bones.

"Odds and Ends"

Just a couple of reminders for the next two weeks.

- Home Reading Sheets (green sheet) are due on Friday, November 14th, and Friday, November 21st.

- Our spelling posttests will be on Friday, November 14th, and Friday, November 21st.

Any questions? Do not hesitate to contact me!


phone: 436-1131

Thank you for sending me the very best students in Lincoln!

Zach Bennett