AppTastic iLesson

Let's take a trip on the iPad

Lesson Ideas

Adapted from this Ideal Vacation Spot handout

  • Use to learn about shapes and color
  • Digital Storytelling or retelling
  • Let's journey on the Oregon Trail
  • Art and Artists
  • Learning a Language
  • Science Lab Notes
  • Book Talks
  • Commercials
  • Project review
  • Mini Documentaries
  • 7th Grade Math - Linear Equations
  • Elements Video - Science
  • Video Diary/Video Blogging
  • Public Service Announcements
  • Cooking Show
  • DIY Examples

More video project ideas from Tech & Learning.

Apps to download

Why iPad/Video in the Classroom?

IC 21st Century Skills for Technology Literacy

Collaborate with peers, experts and others using interactive technology. (Gr 6-8)

  • Contribute to a content knowledge base by creating, producing, and sharing information, models, and other creative works.

Literacy » Students Who are College and Career Ready in Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening, & Language

  • Use Technology And Digital Media Strategically And Capably.

Research indicates that foundational academic knowledge and skills shared by college and career expectations includes:

  • Speaking and Listening
  • Reading Informational Texts
  • Expository/Description/Analytic Writing
  • Proportional Reasoning, Number Systems, Measurement & Problem Solving

Webb's DOK

Four Level Framework

  1. Recall & Reproduction
  2. Skills & Concepts
  3. Strategic Thinking and Reasoning
  4. Extended Thinking


Primary Source - Harriet Palmer's Journey on the Oregon Trail

Two Trails to the West - lesson plan

Planning with a storyboard with Paperport Notes

  • Magnetic Alphabet - for FA and Title/Ending Screen
  • Maps
  • Doodle Buddy Drawing
  • Safari - research and photos
Online Sites:

Camera and Photos (Camera Rolls)

Bring it all together in:

(1 minute of video, 10 images)

Videolicious Grading Rubrics

Example 1

Example 2

Using in the Classroom


News Flash - iPad Not Perfect for ALL Tasks!

Funny Toilet Paper Commercial.