Romania (2007)

By: Haley Poynter

Interesting places

One interesting place is Peles castle inner part of the castle. Also a beatiful place is Timisoara people are walking on the beach there.A cool place is Sibiu peole looking at all the buildings connected .

Romania facts

The Capital of Romania is Bucharest.The population of Romania is 21,729,871.The border countries Ukraine,Bulgaria,Mol.,Serbia,and Hungary.A interesting place to visit is Romania shopping center.The hightest elevation is Moldoveanu 2,544 m.The natural resources are petroleum,timber,natural gas,coal,iron ore,salt,arable land,and highdropower.The main product is coal.


Natural resorces

One resorce is coal they go mining and use it to create fire.They use salt,iron ore,timber,arable land,and high power.they use all these resorces to to meet there needs.