Who dunnit?

Middle School Genres: Mysteries

What makes a book a mystery?

Mysteries are a very popular genre that usually involves a crime of some sort, and characters who are either suspects or detectives. During the course of the book, clues and hints are shared with the reader. A suspenseful and well-written mystery can keep the reader guessing until the very end.

Any Questions?

Q: Where can I find mystery books in the library?

A: Mysteries are usually fiction books, and can be found with other fiction books on the short bookshelves in our library. Sometimes, they have a sticker on the spine that indicates that the book is a mystery (that purple picture above is the sticker!)

Q: What if I don't like mysteries?

A: Perhaps you just haven't found an author that you like yet. Come ask your librarian and we'll try to find something that you'll like. And please try to be open-minded.

Here are some of our most popular middle school mysteries - check them out!