Theme Parks


Orlando is close to the islands Cayo Costa,Boca Grande,and Captiva Island.It is also by the Atlantic Ocean.Orlando is also surounded by beaches.


It is really hot in Orlando. It is tropical there. When it is winter it is still hot,no snow. There are also lots of hiking trips too. People mostly go there for Disney World to vacation.


Orlando is very green and tropical. There are also a lot of beaches that people go to for picnics,sunsets,or just a fun day on the beach!


Some pros of living in Orlando are there are lots of theme parks, nice beaches,well shoping there! Some cons of living in Orlando is it gets REALY hot,lots of crowds ,and lots more!!!


Orlando is surounded by the Alantic Ocean. It is located at 28.53834 latitude,and 81.37924 longitude. Orlando is situated at 54 meters above sea level.