Math with Mrs. Hayward


Math 8

What's happening this week...

Monday--Student holiday

Tuesday--Graphing lines and finding their slopes (rise over run) --Possible HW

Wednesday -- Using slope formula to find slope between 2 points on a line (HW:Brass Band WS)

Thursday-- Writing equations and finding slope for vertical and horizontal lines

Friday -- Finding slope from a table, graph, and equation (HW for Tues.: Toggle WS)


What's happening this week...

Monday--Student holiday

Tuesday--Identifying direct variation (proportional functions) (HW: pgs 185-86 book)

Wednesday--Parameter changes (transformations) on the parent function

Thursday - Writing equations in slope-intercept given the slope and point on the line (HW: Gyro WS)

Friday: Writing equations in point-slope from two points (Possible HW)

***Last Thursday, Algebra was given an assignment to be turned in October 13th (Tuesday) for bonus points or Wednesday for a regular grade. Please make sure your student completes this assignment.


Please make sure your student is coming home with his or her journal and book (Algebra) on the nights when he or she will be working on homework. We work examples, take notes and write formulas in journals, so they should be used as an additional resource at home.