Transition Plus Aug 27

It's show time!

It was great to see all of the new and returning faces on Friday. I hope you were able to connect with others and gather some new information and strategies you can use with yourself, your colleagues and your students.

As we move forward into this week, please remember there are a number of new staff here and help them to find their way. For new SEAs, please see Daphne, Traci, Melissa or myself for anything you need. In the past we had several days to be able to acclimate you to the room, building and district. With the loss of those days, we recognize you may have things you need to know from us and we want to make sure we help you with those. Another great resource is Paul Dennis; he is your union steward for ESP staff.

Extended Advisory - Class Schedule for Monday & Tuesday - 8/27 & 8/28

Here is the extended schedule for Monday and Tuesday. Please follow this schedule for all Teams

Advisory---------- 9:40-11:00

Period 1---------- 11:05-11:45

Period 2 --------- 11:50-12:30

Period 3 --------- 12:35-1:15 (Teams 2/3)

Lunch 1----------- 12:35-1:15 (Team 1)

Lunch 2 ----------- 1:20 - 1:50 (Teams 2/3)

Period 3----------- 1:20- 1:50 (Team 1)

Period 4 ---------- 1:55- 2:35

Period 5----------- 2:40-3:20

Period 6 ---------- 3:25-4:00 -Advisory/SEL

These two days are the only days we will be leaving to get out early to buses as students are learning the new routines.

Needed: Bus Lane Assistance

As students are arriving to Transition Plus for the first time, and we are getting to know the needs of our students, it is imperative that we have a large number of staff present in the bus lane in the morning. Students need help getting off the bus, bus aides need help getting wheelchairs and students safely into the building EACH DAY and especially the first couple weeks of school.

Thank you in advance for coming outside to welcome our students warmly!

Important Student Scheduling Information

Any incoming student that is enrolled and assigned a Case Manager without a schedule will be sent to their advisor to create a schedule. Students arriving that are not enrolled will work with the Social Work Team to complete registration paperwork.

Note on schedule changes/entering schedules the first week of school:

Please make all schedule corrections/changes/entries on the Part-Time Course selection sheet and deposit either to Rachel in person, or in Rachel's mailbox. Completed schedules will then be printed and returned to the case manager's mailbox as soon as possible.

There are PT course selection sheets by the mailboxes in the main office, or in Rachel's office.

----Please note that there is no Skills for Home Living class offered 5th period on any day of the week. This is an error in the previous copies.

----Courses with no current availability for scheduling are:

--------- Basic Cooking, Consumer Economics, Info Tech Skills, and Emerging Tech
----Schedule changes after Monday, September 17th will need to be submitted via the request sheet, with required signatures from the social worker and administrator.

If a teacher only needs to make one class change, they can email Rachel.

New and returning Paraprofessionals

Below are some links that will help you in getting ready for your role here at MPS

You can be looking this over during time your teacher is on Prep or if you need a small amount of extended time to do this let me know.

Staff Handbook

Please review the MPS Staff Handbook. I will be working with your union stewards to determine what are TPlus specific procedures and we will notify you of those in the Monday Morning Memo. You will need an electronic signature for the MPS Staff Handbook. You can enter Jason Backes as your supervisor.

Disregard the sign off page for Tplus policies until further notice.Within the handbook it references your contracts -there are some different policies based on which bargaining unit you are in.

Let's get social!

It's the theme for the year!

We will be posting regularly to keep students, families and staff updated and entertained. Please let Melissa know if you have information or photos you'd like to include.


It's important to E-tag each student the first time you have contact with them. Please E-tag each student present for each period. If a student on your attendance roster is not present please mark them absent with a U.

A review of the E-tagging process can be found at the link below:

The Source is also a great resource for E-tagging, Gradebook and more:


We continue to have a large mice problem within the building and the extermination company has worked diligently this summer to try to change this.

Please limit your eating only to designated eating areas.

If you have food in your room because of student needs, please make sure the food is in a sealed plastic container.

If there are any food scraps - please put them in large trash cans in the hallways.

If you do notice any mice in your area please complete the following form so it can be addressed by our custodial staff and the exterminators.

Wilder Pest Control Form

We have some additional district staff sharing our spaces with us this year. I want you to be aware of who they are and where they are.

The teachers serving students with special needs at non-public schools will be here this year and will be next to Liz’s classroom. If you see them or the younger students they are serving make sure to say hi. This may also be a way for us to encourage our students to model appropriate hallway behaviors in front of the younger student.

In addition, Gary Speese is the Principal from St. Joe’s and he will be officing here in the offices next to Tia’s room.

Many of you may be aware that Vicki has retired. We are looking for an ESP staff that is able to work additional hours to fill the role of helping teachers/ staff to write grants for us to be able to stretch our T Plus budget-

The application process will be as follows:

  • Notify me of your interest to take on this role (extra hours will be funded through Q comp – as this is collaboration)

  • Identify a teacher who has a need for a Donor’s Choose Grant
  • Work with the teacher on writing the grant
  • Submit the grant to Donor’s Choose
  • I will gather a small committee to determine strength of written skills; there will be a rubric for teachers to fill out on the collaboration and overall strength and effectiveness of the proposal.
  • Interest in the position needs to be shared with me by September 4th
  • Donor’s Choose Grant needs to be submitted by September 14th
  • Any teachers who have a need please see me so I can share your names with the candidates.

Updated Staff Phone List

Here is the most current version of the Staff Phone List.

If you have any updates please let Traci know

Confidential Shredding

Need to shred some sensitive information?

With us moving this fall, it will be important to move only what is necessary. So any old working files you have should be shredded. Please use the shred bins only for confidential shredding. Team 1 students will continue to shred non-confidential materials. See Ben Rodriguez if you'd like a regularly scheduled pick-up.

These are locked, shred bins and are located in the Main Office, Due Process room and Peter's office.

Check out these great ideas to Engage students with

Teacher Toolkit

ESS Codes for Paraprofessionals

Thank you to all of the ESP staff that came in during the first week to collaborate with your teachers and to help set-up for students.

For those of you who are new, please ask a colleague, Traci or Daphne to assist you if you are having difficulty.

Enter the hours you worked on 8/22 and/or 8/23 for a total of 6 hours.

CC - 2380

Fund - 1006

FA - 640.335.000

Order # - 190000021

Explanation - Team Collaboration

Drop Down - EA Extended Time

For Friday, you are to enter 6 hours REGULAR time and use the above codes for 1 hour only with the Explanation - PD w/Teachers.

This Week at TPlus

Monday ----- 8/27---- Students are back

Tuesday ----- 8/28---- Team 2 Meeting

Wednesday--8/29---- Team 3 Meeting

Thursday-----8/30---- Team 1 Meeting

Friday----------8/31---- PSWE/SEL Meeting