Buddy Reading: 2/19- 2/22

3rd - 5th

Buddy Reading: Part 1

Talk to your students about the buddy reading program that is going to start soon. Remind them, that their Kinder/1st/2nd grader is not going to know what to expect and/or how to behave without prompting. Remind them that everything they did when in those grades was explained and modeled ahead of time. They will have to do this for their kids.

Remind them that being interested in their buddy and being positive will help their buddy to grow as a reader.

Have them practice with a peer telling their "buddy" how to begin.

Buddy Expectations:

1.Sit with Me (In Our Spot)

2. Good Listening Skills

3. We do our best.


This is our sitting area for buddy reading. I'm so excited to be reading with you today. When we read together, we have to stay in this area. This helps me hear you read and keeps you safe. Can you show me what a good listener looks like? I'm very proud of you for doing your best today and keeping a positive attitude.

Buddy Reading: Part 2

What to do if your buddy is off task/doesn't want to read?

1. Start each buddy reading session by reviewing Buddy Reading Expectations. (This helps Kinder/1st/2nd students to be focused throughout your buddy time.)

2. Complement them on something you saw them do well earlier in your session. (I really like how you sounded out the word look when you weren't sure. I'd love to see you do this again, can you show me?)

3. Ask them a question about what they were reading, and praise them when they answer. Help them when they get stuck.

4. If they don't want to read, start off by suggesting that you will read a page, and then they can read one to help them build their confidence.

5. Sometimes your buddy might be distracted by/or distracting another set of buddy readers. If you see this is the case, check in with your teacher/their teacher about switching to a different location in the room that will not be near the other friend.

6. Check in with your teacher/their teacher if you are still having trouble getting them back on track.

Buddy Reading: Part 3

What should you look like as a Reading buddy?

Have students start the discussion by coming up with different behaviors that they should & shouldn't show as a Reading Buddy. (Share the following few if they don't come up with them.)


  • Encouraging
  • Engaged Listener
  • Always using appropriate language and a kind tone of voice
  • Don't always give them the word
  • Inquisitive


  • Ignore your buddy to talk to your friend
  • Don't give all the words to your buddy without having them try first.
  • Not ask questions about what they read.
  • Use inappropriate language or call names in front of your buddy.
  • Let your buddy just go off and talk to a friend without trying one of the strategies.

Friday: Being Included

Have your students watch the video below.

Discussion Questions:

1. Can we sometimes forget to include those who might be different than us?

2. Why is being included so important?

Ana Travis

School Counselor

Sonntag Elementary