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Weekly News for March 22-28

Superintendent Robbie Owen

Here’s a brief video message from Superintendent Robbie Owen and a video feature that spotlights some outstanding work being done by students who are really good with hammer, nails and saw. We hope you have a great weekend!


Road Construction on Intersection of County Road 64 and 13

Road Construction on Intersection of County Road 64 and 13 has begun. This has caused some traffic delays during drop off and pick up at both Daphne East and Daphne Middle. This is a great time to start a neighborhood car pool or have students ride a school bus. Please explore your options to help traffic during this road construction process. Please call the Daphne Middle School office at (251) 626-2845 with any transportation questions.
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Build Baldwin Now Fact #4

Facts that voters need to know on March 31.

Incorrect information is being circulated about our school system. We are supplying a link to CORRECT INFORMATION.

The numbers prove it. Baldwin County school employees have been "doing more with less" for years.

"Doing more with what we have" -- how much would it really cost?

  • Yet the district now operates with 561 fewer teachers, counselors, nurses and support professionals.
  • Think about it! That's a 13 percent increase in enrollment and a simultaneous 13 percent decrease in local school staff.
  • Add the fact that 53 percent of our schools are already over-capacity and 5000 additional new students are expected to enroll by 2024. Clearly, school system employees are "doing more with less" every day.
  • The larger, long-term issue of "too many children / not enough seats" is a brick-and-mortar problem that only Baldwin County citizens can solve. Additional belt-tightening or a "pay-as-you-go" remedy will never produce the schools we need.

Go to and learn the facts about school funding and needed facilities in Baldwin County.

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School News

Art of the Week

The annual themed mural for the 2015 Fairhope Arts and Crafts Festival "Spring in the South" designed and created by Art Club students.

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Choir Students Present Hairspray Jr.

The Daphne Middle School production of “Hairspray, Jr.” will be performed at Trojan Hall on March 26th and 27th. Thursday March 26 at 12:45 Daphne Middle School 7th grade will watch the performance. Later that night at 6:30 will be the night show for the parents. The next day at 9:00 a.m, Daphne East Elementary and W. J. Carroll Elementary sixth graders go watch the show. At 12:45 that day, Dahpne Middle School 8th grade will go to watch the show. All chorus students will be out March 26th and 27th.

Spring Plant Sale

The Peer Helpers are hosting a Spring Plant Sale Fundraiser. Spring annuals are $5.50 per plant. Proceeds go to offset the expense of the anti-bullying guest speaker from K.A.R.M.A. the Peer Helpers sponsored in February. View the order form here.

Options include:

  1. Geraniums “Double Take White” and “Fantasia Dark Red”
  2. Sun Patiens “Compact White Improved” and “Compact Orange”
  3. Superbells “Cherry Star” and “Lemon Slice”

Peer Helpers Challenge Students to Complete 21 Days of Kindness

Each day the Peer Helpers are challenging students to complete five acts of kindness, continuing for 21 days. Students should document completion of their activities here. Share what you are doing by using the hashtag #21daysDMS; tag the Peer Helpers @DMSPeerHelpers.

Day 16-March 23 “Be Honest”

  1. Catch yourself before telling a lie, keep the truth

  2. Go to someone you have lied to and ask forgiveness

  3. Do not spread rumors

  4. Make and keep a legitimate promise

  5. Be honest, but don’t hurt anyones feelings

Day 17-March 24 “Be Thoughtful”

  1. Hold the door for someone

  2. Give a thoughtful opinion

  3. Think before you speak

  4. Think about what you’ve said about somebody, if it’s bad, go make up with them

  5. Think for yourself too (Like if you forgot to do something you were suppose to do for someone or for yourself)

Day 18 -March 25 “Smiley Day”

“Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.” Mother Teresa

  1. Smile all day long

  2. Smile no matter what

  3. Do everything with a smile

  4. Smile at other people

  5. Smile with any emotions

Day 19-March 26 “Compliments”

  1. Give a compliment

  2. Give a compliment to one of your teachers

  3. Give a compliment to one of your friends

  4. Give a compliment to a family member

  5. Give a compliment to anyone who looks like they're having a bad day

Day 20-March 27 “Say thank you”

  1. Say thank you to adults

  2. Say thank you to your peers

  3. Say thank you to your family (older or younger members)

  4. Give thanks to service members (military, firemen, police, etc.)

  5. Rejoice for what you have


DMS Students Rock the SEEDS Race

New Cheer Squad

Congratulations to the 2015-2016 Daphne Middle School Cheerleading Squad! Thank you to all the girls who tried out; our Cheer Team brings lots of spirit and pep to our Trojans.

7th Grade Cheerleaders

Abigail Cox, Alex Reeves, Alexandra Dyess, Alexis Webster, Ava Sullivan, Bailey McNeil,

Brooklyn Strevel, Cheney Pratt, Delaney Goldman, Emma Puckett, Kylee AgeeLily Dupuis, Liz Burt, Reagan Coleman, and Madison Wood

8th Grade Cheerleaders

Aleah Thomas, Amiah Davis, Britney Luke, Holly Yazdi, Khamia Lacey, Lauren Jones, Madison Boutries, Mya Jo Williams, Taylor McKenzie, Mallori Sanders, and Miranda Ulrich

Track and Field To Compete This Week

Coach Majewski and Coach McNair are leading the Track and Field team to victory this year. Students participate in various track and field events including long jump, triple jump, discus, shock put, 100, 200, 400, 800, and 1600. There are 40 students that participate in the track and field practices and events. Many students that excel in other sports participate in track to gain endurance and stay in shape through their off season.

Practices will be held from 3:15 until 4:30 on Monday, March 30; Wednesday, April 1; Monday, April 13; Wednesday, April 15; and Monday April 20. Monday practices are held at Daphne Middle School and Wednesday practices are held at Daphne High School. The first Track Meet will be held on Tuesday, March 31 at Volanta Park in Fairhope. Meets following are April 14 at Spanish Fort High School and April 16 at Foley High School. The County Championship will be held on April 21at the Gulf Shores Sports Complex.

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Units of Study and Important Dates

Adventures Unlimited

On January 13th, Mrs. Pendley’s 7th and 8th grade Humanities classes went to Adventures Unlimited in Florida. The classes left on Friday, the 13th at 4:30, and arrived back at the school on Sunday at 10:30. The students stayed in cabins. On the second night they went stargazing and had a bon fire afterwards. They participated in a lot of fun activities like zip lining, a ropes course, stargazing, and a bon fire. The zip lining was a series of separate zip lines connected together. The ropes course was like a challenge course that taught students to think outside the box to accomplish a goal. Students used teamwork and communication to get through the course. It was definitely an adventure for all students.

School Wide


All students should complete their Istation learning path per their March tier group to help develop their reading skills. Tier 1 students scored at grade level and should do 30 minutes of reading practice. Tier 2 students scored slightly below grade level and should do 60 minutes of practice weekly. Tier 3 students scored below grade level and are considered in need of intervention; these students should complete 90 minutes of reading practice each week. Istation learning path reading practice is done for homework weekly, but may be done in elective class if there is time in the schedule. Students will be re-tested April 1-3.

3/23 Nettles library

3/24 T. Taylor library

3/25 Bowling field trip

3/25 Pendley library

3/26-3/27 Hairspray Jr., the choir spring musical

3/26 Law library

3/27 Madison library

8th Grade

  • Boone Algebra 1: Chapter 10 test
  • Boone Pre Algebra: Volume test
  • Law: Research paper due
  • Art: I movie with research on artist of choice with reproduction of famous work.
  • Peer Helpers: 21 days of kindness
  • Choir: Hairspray
  • Band: “Speed scales” and Memorizing National Anthem
  • Enrichment (Law): Study hall
  • Enrichment (Benefield): Study Hall
  • Enrichment (Madison): Study hall
  • Reading Extension: Word Analysis Unit 9

7th Grade

  • Lindsey: binder check Tuesday 3/23
  • Smith:Quiz Tuesday 3/23
  • Majewski: Chapter 9 review ACT
  • Majewski (advanced): presentations on exponents
  • Holt: Board Builder Presentation
  • Career Tech: Health Sciences, Education cluster plans based on Alabama
  • Teen Discovery: Continuing child development
  • Peer Helpers: 21 days of kindness
  • Choir: Hairspray play
  • Band: Speed scales and memorizing National Anthem
  • Enrichment (Taylor): Habits 6
  • Enrichment (Bittinger): Creating original tessellations based on M.C. Esher
  • Reading Extension: Word Analysis Unit 9

Save the Date

Vote YES to build the schools we need.

Tuesday, March 31st, 7am-7pm

Baldwin County, Poll Locations


Voting Information

Build Baldwin Now is an initiative of the citizens of Baldwin County to secure long-term public support for building the schools we need. In order for this initiative to be successful and for our children to have adequate facilities now and in the future, we need everyone’s vote.

>> Download a sample ballot

If you are not registered to vote you will need to follow the link below:

>> Voter Registration

  • Download and complete the form.
  • Mail or deliver to your county Board of Registrar Office.

Baldwin County Board of Registrar
PO Box 1507
Bay Minette, AL 36507-1507

Voting Day for the Funding Referendum: March 31, 2015.

ACT Aspire Standardized Test Dates

  • April 20, 2015: ACT Aspire Science (Grades 3-8)

  • April 21, 2015: ACT Aspire Reading (Grades 3-8)

  • April 22, 2015: ACT Aspire Math (Grades 3-8)

  • April 23, 2015: Make-Up Test Day