Foreign Language Week

Dedicated to Europe Day in May, 21st

Europe Day is a day to celebrate unity and peace in Europe.

We are going to celebrate our unity with the rest of Europe.

Foreign Language Week

Monday, May 16th, 2:15am to Friday, May 20th, 2:15am

Kamianets-Podilska Secondary School 15, Hrushevsky Street, 17

Classroom 314

Plan of the Week

May, 16 - Master class of the pupils of 5 A form "How did we do our English WebQuests? " (Lesson 4, 314)

May, 17 - Intellectual quiz for pupils of 5 B form "Interesting and Useful German nd English" (Lesson 1, 316)

May, 18 - Virtual tour around Europe for the pupils of 7 A and 7 B forms (Lessons 1, 4, 316)

May, 18 - Virtual Clouds Lab for the pupils of 10 form "We Are Europians" (Lesson 5, 314)

May, 18 - WebQuest for the pupils of 8 A and 8 B forms "The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland" (Lesson 7, 314)

May, 19 - Virtual tour for the pupils of 6 A and 6 B forms "Interesting Facts About Great Britain and Germany" (Lessons 4-5, 314, 316)

May, 19 - Virtual show for the pupils of 4 A form "London is the Capital of Great Britain" (Lesson 5, 314)

May, 19 - Quest for the pupils of the 9 A and 9 B forms "Interesting facts About Britain" (Lesson 7, 314)

May, 20 - Virtual show for the pupils of 4 B form "London is the Capital of Great Britain" (Lesson 2, 314)

We are teachers of foreign languages of Kamianets-Podilska school 15

We are waiting for everybody to share our knowledge and experience in teaching and having fun with languages!