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Big 6 March

March will be Synthesis month. The focus is on organizing and presenting information. I would love to do short projects and integrate some kind of technology - let's teach the students a unique way to present their information like an iMovie, Padlet, Prezi, Glog, or something else. Some classes have scheduled but many more need to do so.

Maine Student Book Award

One more month to go. Remember, for a student to vote he or she must have read (or been read to) 3 or more of the nominees. We do have multiple copies of some of the books in the book closet. If you want your class to vote as a whole and maybe have some kind of celebration then we need to get it on the calendar ASAP for the last week of March.

And if you can't wait...

I do have next year's MSBA list already and we probably already have 1/2 the books in the library - if any of you overachievers want to get a head start...

Here is the link to my blog with the new list.


One more month for Chickadee as well. Remember, for a student to vote they must have read (or been read to) all 10 books. Grades 1 - 3 will be all set as I have been reading them during their circulation time. 4th grade teachers need to get the books from me if you want to participate. If we want to do some kind of voting / celebration activity we need to get it on the calendar for that last week of March ASAP.

Coding during WIN time

I am continuing with coding during WIN time. I will be taking all 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders who haven't had a chance yet - if I can fit them all. We will go for about 5 weeks and then we will alternate again. All students who already had accounts can still get on and use them at any time. I can take more 4th and 5th graders.

Digital Citizenship

Anyone who has not done a digital citizenship lesson this year please sign up for March or April. For 4th grade I can do Digital Passport, a Digital Citizen Survival Kit, or website evaluation featuring the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus. For 5th grade I can do Digital Passport or an Explorer scavenger hunt featuring a fabulous fake website.