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September 2016 Back To School Edition

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Job Opportunities in the Library

Quiet Study & Study Rooms--Survey Feedback

New Board Books


Ed Tech Corner--Quality Matters

Welcome back to school!

The beginning of the fall trimester tends to be busy in the library. First, we have to staff our information desk so if you're looking for a great job, please check out the opportunity available. Unfortunately, we have limited availability this tri but we hope our time slot is perfect for some lucky candidate out there.

The beginning of the fall trimester coincides with the chiropractic board exams. Since the library will be busy, we ask that you pay attention to your own noise level. In addition, be respectful of the study room sign-out rules. We recently did a survey and the feedback is below. We also have supplementary board review materials on display. These were recommended by your professors.

We also have a new display on pamphlets. Read about it below.

Finally, if you're teaching online, Quality Matters might be a tool for you.

I hope the trimester goes well.

The Best Student Job On Campus...

At least, in our humble opinion.

We are looking for students to staff our information desk in the library. It's a great job. It's a great space and you have access to all of your textbooks.

The returning student workers are covering most of the schedule. Right now, we have a 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. shift available on Friday. Please apply or be in touch if you can fill part of that period or even that whole period EVEN if it's not every week. (For instance, if you have a class that meets during that time a few times a trimester, we can work around that.)

You can apply here. If you have any questions, please email or

Study Rooms

Study Room Survey Discussion

Thank you to everyone has filled out the survey! I just wanted to summarize the responses.

a) Most people would prefer we keep the study room sign-up rules as they are. In this survey and in our general library satisfaction survey, the issue of enforcement was mentioned by one or two respondents. It is true that we currently rely a lot on the honor system and not everyone respects that system. However, the only way to truly enforce the rules would be by changing the sign-up procedure. Currently, that does not appear to be the wish of most who have given feedback so we will maintain the current rules.

We ask that students respect the two hour per person rules, especially in busy times. If a study room is abandoned or appears abandoned, a student may lose their claim on it and anything left behind will be moved to behind the information desk.

b) There was a marked preference that rooms 8 and 9 (the big study rooms) be reserved for groups of 3 or more. If you are signing up for a room and you are a group of one or two, claim room 8 or 9 only if all other rooms are occupied.

c) There doesn't seem to be a strong desire for a separate music-less, foodless, ultra-quiet study area at this time. That doesn't mean it won't happen since not much is really lost by creating such an area but we do appreciate that it's not a pressing need.

Again, thank you for your feedback and it's always welcome if you e-mail

Just a reminder...

The library has the acoustics of a cathedral. Conversations held at a "normal voice" level get amplified. This is especially true when more and more people enter the space.

Even though we don't have midterms or finals right now, there is a group of students studying for their boards this week so please be mindful of them.

Recommended for studying

A few instructors have recommended some more board books to help you study. You can find them in the library:

Mosby's Manual of Diagnostic and Laboratory Tests, 5th edition. Reserves- 616.0756 P12m 2014

DeGowin's Diagnostic Examination, 9th edition. Reserves- REF 616.0754 D31b 2015

Seidel's Guide to Physical Examination, 8th edition. Reserves- 616.0754 S45g 2015

Check out our display!

Pamphlet Display

Patient education is an important part of most health care practices. Pamphlets, brochures, and other handouts have been used by chiropractors to educate patients and advertise services for decades. These materials are also useful to researchers who want to learn about the history of advertising, public health and patient education, and graphic design, and as evidence of various clinics, organizations, authors, and publishers. Some brochure publishers represented in our historical holdings are still around, continuing to produce patient education materials.

The NWHSU pamphlet collection includes nearly 500 titles, dating from the 1930s to 2011. Pamphlet topics include career choice, colonic procedures, equipment and supplies, and legislation, in addition to more common topics like chiropractic, neck pain, and spinal disorders. We have many items from certain publishers, including the American Chiropractic Association, the Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research, and Unruh Publications from South Dakota. The pamphlets can be found in our archives – just let us know if you’re interested in seeing more.

Submitted by: Monica Howell, Serials Librarian


Quality Matters

Quality Matters is a peer-based system used to continuously improve online and hybrid programs/courses. Peer reviewers look over courses to make sure they meet best practices in online design for student success. Quality Matters provides a rubric for course designers and course reviewers to follow. The peer review does not evaluate content or teaching.

Northwestern Health Sciences University is affiliated with Quality Matters. If you are a faculty member interested in QM or the review process, you can contact the school's QM coordinator Tom Braem (, Krista Jacobson (, or Pat Casello-Maddox (

We can show you a QM rubric that can help you design your online course or direct you to training opportunities.

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