Something Else Witty

teacher "West African Kingdoms, or something else witty. "

ghana 11th century

Ghana developed in the grasslands north of the Niger River. they liked to use iron , manly for military purposes , like for their horses and armor . for economy they were mainly based off of gold. the gold mining business was so important , they made sacrifices . politically and socially they where ruled by a king , and split up into clans . And just like high school the most popular group is best , so the clan with the king is the best .

Mali 14th century

Mali started south east of Ghana, closer to the border between present-day Mali and Guinea.their economy involved but not totally based off of the Dyula . the Dyulas were merchants who liked to trade and also spread Islam religion throughout the west . for political its the same as Ghana , they were ruled by a king. the Mali's most famous king is mansa . mansa brought back an architect and built many homes.

songhai 15th century

Songhai took over what as Mali , salt mines and all , after the rebellion against Mali. Songhai was the largest kingdom to ever exist in Africa. politically and economically they where the same as the last two kingdoms , based off of trade and a king . ( to think after two failed kingdoms based off of trade and a king they would have thought of something new by now ). for socially Many of the Songhai people, even at the height of the empire, practiced both Islam and traditional spiritual beliefs. The kings, however, were Muslims.