Yum Yazz

By: Alyssa Underwood Mike Jones


  • The Kiwi Salad , Fresh cut lettuce a with kiwi and strawberrys
  • Fried Pickel infused with Ranch , Dill pickles fried in bacon greese infused with hiddin valley ranch
  • Pepperoni sticks covered in Marinara , pepperoin fried and dipped in marinara


  • The Big Melt Hamburger, freshly cuted meat with two layers of cheese and oinois and a toasted bun cverd in butter
  • The Ham Turkey Bacon Sandwich, Fresh cut ham turkey bacon with with toasted with butter drizzeled on top
  • Healthy Hot Dog, A fake but heathy hot dog weiner with whole wheat bread and spicy mustard with som relish


  • A Ham and Lettuce Taco , Home grown pigs only fead the finest slop , with the greenest lettuce you have ever seen
  • Killer Nachos , We use the hottest peppers on planet earth for sauce with all natural wheat
  • Diced Brisket Salasd ,Fresh cut briskit with fresh grown lettuce


  • Choclete Covered Starberrys infused with Choclete Fresh grown strawberrys covered in white choclate
  • Strawberry Bread , The redest strawberrys in Texas with very healthy wheat