Heather Whitestone

By: Lillian Branstetter

Born and Where is She

She was born February 28, 1973. She was born in Dothan, Alabama.

She is still alive and living somewhere in Georgia.

She is 42 years old.

How did She Become Deaf

At the age of 18 months she lost her hearing because she became really sick with influenza. Influenza is when you get a really high fever.

Where Did She Go to School

She went to school at Alabama School of Fine Arts for a year and graduated from Berry High School (now known as Hoover High School).

How was She Famous

She became famous by wining Miss America in 1994. She was the first deaf person to win Miss America.

A Quote

" The dance studio was the one place I felt accepted and 'just like everyone else' was in the dance studio."

Intresting Facts

  • She did not learn sign language until her senior year in high school
  • She has 3 kids and a husband
  • Her mother was determined for heather to speak so she enrolled her in dance classes, hooping that the rhythm would help her speak