LGBT rights

  • Homosexuality has become more accepted by society as a whole
  • It has become acceptable in media to display non-traditional families and relationships
  • Studies have shown that same-sex couples are just as good parents as anyone else and that the children of same-sex parents are identical to those raised in nuclear families
  • 36 states allow gay marriage, 9 have explicitly banned it
  • 27 states protect same-sex couples right to adoption, 5 have banned it
  • 20 states have outlawed discrimination based on sexual orientation
  • Hate crimes based on sexual orientation outnumber those based on religion and nationality.
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What rights do we want?

  • Right to marry/civil union: This effects how taxes are handled, inheritance, credit, guarantees hospital visitations and makes it easier to adopt
  • Protection from harassment: In many states it is completely legal to fire an employee, not hire someone in the first place or deny a client service or product, and even refuse entry into school due to their sexual background
  • Equal rights: We simply ask that unless somebody has committed a violent crime, they should be treated the same as the majority, this applies to all groups of people. The LGBT community has not asked for "special rights".