Pasta, Passion and Pistols

Dinner and a Murder

La Speranza Restaurant

You are invited to honor our dearly departed Giuseppe (Pepi) Roni. To make things easier on his beloved widow, we have decided we will do a potluck dinner. Mama Rosa has determined to prepare the main course, she wants to serve Pepi's favorite.

The Pepi Roni Memorial

Thursday, Oct. 22nd, 6pm

8254 E 34th St. Tulsa, Ok

Hostess: Miss Julie Johnson
Your parts will be sent to you via email/facebook when you send in your RSVP.

There are 8 speaking parts but plenty of room for non-speaking parts. Beware, as a non-speaking part you may be called upon to fill in for one of the speaking parts should someone be unable to attend... The city is a dangerous place you know... people disappear all the time.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.