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Kilgore Intermediate School, Week of April 11-15

4th Grade Math and Reading Spring Benchmarks

Tuesday, April 12th - 4th grade math

Wednesday, April 13th - 4th grade reading

5th Grade CogAT Online Testing

CogAT online testing is scheduled for 5th graders this week in the computer labs. Please refer to the information given to you from Mrs. Slayter for more details.

PLC Agenda

PLC's will not meet on Tuesday due to benchmark testing. We will meet on Thursday for planning.

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Get Them Moving! Test Prep Gallery Walk

Here's why I love this activity:

  • Students work together to solve each problem.
  • Students are pushed to provide further explanation when they show their work on charts to be critiqued by peers.
  • Students get the opportunity to see each problem worked out by another group of students, and they read and critique their thinking.

Doing fun activities make test prep more engaging and interesting (for both the teacher and the students)!

Click on the link below to check it out...

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Christy McElyea, KIS Instructional Specialist

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