Te{a}ch Talk

Tips, Tricks, and Thoughts on Transformation

Volume 2, Number 11, February 11, 2016

SAMR and Pedagogical Application

I have had several requests for ideas and training on the SAMR model and what it means to reach Modification or Redefinition. This article from Kathy Schrock shares insights and information regarding what the model means and what it might look like in practice. Below, I've included a simple visual representation of that information.

As a caveat to this information, I want to emphasize that our objective is not just to use technology because we have it available to us and it can be cool, but to allow for new means of learning that engage students and enhance learning experiences. Additionally, the SAMR model can be perceived as ascribing value to a given level of the model. In any classroom and unit, moving between the levels of SAMR is likely appropriate for the various learning tasks at hand. We don't need to redefine every task!

In moving through the levels of SAMR, two other continuums can be considered. There is a continuum from teacher-directed to student-directed learning, and a continuum from confinement of teaching and learning methods in the absence of technology to opportunities afforded by the presence of technology that provide options for how students learn and complete work.

While this is a simplified overview, it may be able to spark meaningful conversation with colleagues or ideas for technology integration for learning.

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