About Me

by Hayley McCardie

Family and Friends

I'm the oldest of the kids in my family. I have a little sister named Jayden who's 6 years old and a little brother named Rocky who's 5 years old. I also have 3 cats, Lucky, Kitty, and Paige, and 2 dogs, Cilas and Jazmine. I have a group of close friends that I've been friends with for awhile and hope to stay friends with them for much longer.


I don't play sports, but I'm not that bad at soccer and basketball. I don't do any extra curricular activities. I do work hard in all my classes though and have good grades.

Hobbies and Interests

Some things I really like to do outside of school is write and take pictures. I write stories or sometimes just random thoughts that come into my mind. I like taking pictures of things like the sky at sunset, the city, and just pretty things like that. Some things I really like is music (I'm constantly listening to music) and wrestling. I mainly listen to alternative and kpop. I try to watch wrestling any chance I get.
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