The West Region

BY: Blake & Nolan

Lolo Pass, Montana

In Lolo Pass they have a really high elevation. That elevation is 5,233 feet high. Also in Lolo Pass it is really cold and they get tons of snow!

Yellowstone National Park

In Yellowstone there is the world's first active park. There are a lot of volcanos in the park.

here are more places!

Local Cuisine

The local cuisines in the west region are beef jerky, raisins and grapes. Beef jerky comes from cows and there are many different flavors of beef jerky. Grapes are grown from vines and bushes on the grown. There are 3 different types of grapes too. Raisins are dry grapes. There are a lot of different flavors of raisins also.

The West Region States

Washington, Oregon, Montana, Alaska, Idaho, California, Wyoming, Nevada, Utah and Colorado.