Anti-Semitism and Kristallnacht

The Rise of Racism in Germany


Antisemitism is a hatred and discrimination against a certain religious group in the case of Germany it was jewish people and the jewish religion as a whole. People who has such views are referred to as antisemite. This view of anti-semitism was at its greatest in the 19th century, and was widely practiced by Adolf Hitler during World War 2.

Anti-Semitist in the case of Germany, which at the time was led by Adolf Hitler that Jewish people were the reason why bad things happened and viewed them as an omen of bad luck. As Hitler grew to power he exercised his Anti-Semitic ideas by having a boycott of Jewish owned stores, this hostility was taken to the next degree in Germany through an all Jewish ban were all the Jews were not to be served or the services being used in most of Germany. This was taken further and Jewish people were also banned from using public services and were not allowed to have leisure in public places, all of this happened during Hitler's rise to power in 1933.
Due to the rise to Anti-Semitism many Jewish people started emigrating due to the new law that Jewish people are no longer considered citizens of Germany, this occurred in 1935. Many famous scientist and great Jewish people escaped at this time and were instrumental in the defeat of Germany in World World 2, these included Albert Einstien and Otto Frisch (atomic bomb detonation mechanism).

The Kristallnacht

Kristallnacht is translated to 'night of the broken glass'. On 9 November 1938 the Nazi military unleashed 24 hours of violence in the cities of Germany, Austria and the Sudetenland. At this time, Nazi military groups were armed with sledgehammers and axes.
They attacked, looted, burned, damaged the Jews and there businesses and they even desecrated Jewish graves. Most of them were arrested who were young and fit
and has been sent to concentration camps. the SA and SS attackers had there ordinary clothes on to show that they were civilians spontaneously engaging in violence to avenge Vom Rath's death. The police and fireman got engaged only to protect the non-Jewish properties.