Happy Teacher Appreciation Week

For My Chancey Educators...................................

May 7, 2015

Dear Chancey Educators,

I want to thank you for being an amazing inspiration to our little Chancey cardinals. Educating students is a service profession and I am grateful you chose to serve. Thank you for making sure they feel safe and loved away from home. Thank you for celebrating every time they persevere and finally "get it". Thank you for running out during your planning time to get birthday cupcakes for some who would be very disappointed if they didn't have cupcakes too. Thank you for providing the hugs and words of comfort when that is all that they really needed. Thank you for attending the sporting event on a cold Saturday morning while your family slept in. Thank you for being brave enough to advocate for students. Thank you for riding the school bus in the afternoon to make sure the bus was safe. Thank you for being so connected to your students that it keeps you up at night. Cafeteria ladies thank you for adding "kid friendly" foods to the menu and giving hugs. Thank you office staff for making our new families feel at ease and part of the Chancey family. Thank you for ALWAYS buying backup snacks for students who need it. We appreciate our custodial staff for not only keeping our building clean but for keeping our students safe during dismissal. Thank you teachers for making home visits to connect with families. Thank you for the many dollars you spend of your own money at Walmart, Target, Dollar Tree, Amazon, Teacher Pay Teacher, yard sales, etc. I am grateful that you volunteer your personal time after work to tutor students for free. Thank you for providing your personal cell phone number to keep in touch with families. Thank you for the ability to tie a shoe, wipe a nose, celebrate a lost tooth and NEVER complain about not going to the restroom ALL day. Thank you for understanding that students are evolving and need love and patience. Instructional assistants thank you for being the glue for our students and staff. You are incredibly talented and truly love working with children. Thank you to the best administrative team EVER, you work tirelessly to ensure our students are emotionally, physically, & socially safe. It is amazes me how dedicated and passionate you all are in your various roles at Chancey. Our students are fortunate to have you greet them with a smile everyday they come to school. I appreciate your love for our school. Thank you for comforting parents when they need it. Thank you teachers for making learning interesting, challenging, fun and exciting. Thank you for creating learning experiences our students will never forget. Thank you for staying up all night searching the internet for an awesome idea to meet the standards. Thank you for skipping your planning for a whole week so that your colleagues can have an uninterrupted all day planning with their PLC. Thank you for staying late at an after school event and then come in the next day at 8:00am for a meeting. Thank you for volunteering your personal time to be on various school and district committees. No matter how bad your day is going, thank you for being a bright light for our students. Thank you for understanding that some kids come with some baggage and require extra support. I am grateful that each day you allow our students to get a fresh start. The news media rarely reports ALL the positive that you innately do to serve our families. Thank you for eating your lunch while standing, walking, copying, returning parent phone calls, etc. I appreciate how you make EVERY student you encounter feel they are important & valued. Thank you for being silly and goofy so students can giggle. I appreciate your sense of humor. Thank you for not seeing “different as a deficit”. Thank you for having a growth mindset instead of a fixed mindset. Thank you for seeing the VERY active student as a future ballerina, martial arts master, track star, news anchor, etc. After working all day, thank you for coming to the skating parties, basketball games, family nights, etc. Thank you for being able to admit you made a mistake and say I am sorry. Thank you for being a professional in climate where educators are often blamed instead of celebrated. Thank you for making one of the most complex jobs look “easy”. Thank you for seeing the positive in every challenging opportunity. I appreciate your work ethic and your passion. Thank you educators for serving our families. As your principal I am most proud that I can serve you. I am grateful that you answered your “calling" to work with children. Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!!!!!!!:):)