The Hunger Games

How does the setting affect the story?


The setting takes place in its own time period in a ruled world by the Capitol. The Hunger Games are when 2 tributes from each district are selected to be put into the arena to fight to the death. The protagonist is Katniss Everdeen. The antagonist is President snow who leads the Capitol.


The plot of The Hunger Games is Katniss' sister got chosen for the Hunger Games so she volunteered as tribute to The Hunger Games to save her sister. The other tribute is Peeta. They are prepared to go into the arena then they put them in. There are 24 tributes. Then, after in the arena Katniss run towards the forest.

She then kept going in that direction and found water but almost died of dehydration. She got some water and then fire launched towards her and she ran away with some burns. The gamekeepers were forcing the tributes towards each other.

Katniss ran into the tributes and climbed into a tree where she found Rue. There was a nest of tracker jackers on the branch above her. The hornets weren't able to sting here because of the smoke from the fire trap. She cut the branch of and the nest fell on the careers who got stung and ran towards the lake.

The climax of the story is when Peeta and Katniss are the last tributes so they found some nightlock berries and showed them to the cameras and put them in their mouth. The gamemakers said, stop and the spit them out. They then were taken back to the capitol.


The theme of this story is take risks this is shown when she goes to the cornucopia when it is restocked. This is also shown when she ties the knot on Peeta's leg this is a risk because it might force him to amputate his leg.

Character Traits (Protagonist and Antagonist)

Katniss is protective and cares about her sister this is shown when she volunteers for the Hunger Games. It also says in the book that Katniss put food on the table everyday for the family to eat. Finally, in the story it says that Katniss got her sister a goat and Pam grew to love the goat. Snow is demented because he puts children into the arena to fight to the death. Force them to train for the games. He also is demented for making it so any child from 12-18 can be put into the games.