Dichotomous Key

By:Kaitlyn Meeks

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1. A) body color yellow go to 2

B) other body color go to 3

2. A) has a beak it is tweety

B) has square pants its sponge bob

3. A) if it eats carrots and is a bunny then it's bugs bunny

B) not bunny go to 4

4. A) wearing a hat go to 5

B) no hat go to 6

5. A) if it's blue it's a smurf

B) if it's a dog it's goofy

6. A) if it's a human go to 7

B) not a human go to 8

7. A) if it's a boy it's Johnny bravo

B) if it's a girl it's Dora

8. A) if it's a mouse with yellow shoes it's Mickey Mouse

B) if it's a mouse with no clothes it's jerry