Squire Hare and Sir Turtle

Ms. Peltons Kindergarden class Weekly Favorite

Life is all about staying motivated and keeping your nose to the grindstone. Ms. Pelton's Kindergarten class learned this valuable lesson after reading Squire Hare and Sir Turtle by Suzanne Barkers this week. Let's take a peak at why her class chose this book as their weekly favorite!

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Kindergarten Thoughts

It is important to stop and reflect before, during and after reading sessions. Before reading the story, some of Ms. Pelton's kindergarten class thought the book would be about friends, and pets. During the reading, the class thought the book would end with Squire Hare winning the race. Finally, toward the end of the book Ms. Pelton's kindergarten class were all amazed because the slow turtle won the race. They also realized how important it was to always remain focused, because anything is possible when you work for it!