GHA Parent Newsletter

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Volume 1, Issue 5 (December 2017)

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Happy holidays!

Green Hills Academy wishes you and your family a wonderful holiday. School stops for students on December 12th. December 13th is a teacher mark day, and December 14th is our Open House. We hope to see you then.

Tuition fees for term 2 are due on December 15th. Please be sure to pay by the deadline to avoid late fee fines. From December 15th - December 22nd the finance office will be open from 8:00am-12:00pm. School resumes January 4th for term 2.

New Program: Academic Support and Enrichment Program

GHA is starting a new program in January called Academic Support and Enrichment Program. This will take the place of dayboarding. The Academic Support and Enrichment Program (ASEP) will run daily from 5:00pm -7:00pm, after extracurricular activities. The program is eligible for middle school and high school students. Each day there will be specific topics being taught. Teachers will run revision lessons, and help students with concepts they are struggling with.

Parents can enroll their child four days per week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday) or parents can enroll children according to the days of the week specific topics are being taught. The cost of the program includes a light snack before study, and hearty snack after study, and the bus home. More information will be sent home when the schedule has been finalized. Ms. Flavia, our talented College and Career Counselor, will be managing this program.

Action requested: Accreditation survey

If you have not done so yet, please take the parent survey. This will help us prepare for accreditation. Here is the link. Thank you for your time. Your input will help us make GHA a better, more responsive school.

Late pickup

We have had a chronic problem of late pick ups during the first term. Our staff stay late to supervise students during the evenings, and this takes them away from their family and a healthy work-life balance. Please be sure to pick up your child within 30 minutes from the end of the school day, or the end of an after school activity.

Fines will be applied as follows, effective term 2:

  • 1st time - warning
  • 2nd time - 5000 RWF fine per child
  • 3rd-5th time - 10,000 RWF fine per child
  • 6th time - children will be signed up for the bus

Save the date: You are invited to a GHAPTAC meeting in January!

We are hosting our first official GHAPTAC meetings of the year!

  • Nursery and Primary will meet at 4:00pm on January 11th.
  • Middle and High School will meet at 4:00pm on January 18th.

Please note all parents are welcome to join the meetings. We will provide a brief update on what we are doing as a school and go through the GHAPTAC leadership's agenda. If you have concerns or suggestions please see your GHAPTAC class or grade level rep or contact the GHAPTAC leadership. Thank you!

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Traffic safety

We kindly remind parents to be extra careful when driving at pickup and drop off times, so we can keep all students, staff members, and GHA family members safe. We ask that you drive slow, check your mirrors, and proceed with caution. Thank you!

Meet Carol, our Special Education Coordinator!

I am the Special Education Coordinator. I work with all four sections of the school; Nursery, Primary, Middle School, and High School. My job is to work with teachers and teaching assistants to come up with the best way that we can support students with disabilities and learning difficulties here at Green Hills Academy.

I work with the Special Education teacher, and the assistants to develop documents for students on the Special Education program that outline their goals for the academic year. This document is called, an Individualized Education Plan. Green Hills Academy being an inclusive school makes my job exciting and challenging in a good way. We are constantly working on finding the most meaningful way to include students with disabilities in mainstream classes.

My days are split between spending time in the office working on IEPs ,research, meetings and parent communication, or out in the classrooms working hands-on with the students, assistants, and teachers. My overall goal is for every student on the Special Education program to leave Green Hills Academy with a sense of self-worth, independence, and life skills to allow them to be functional members of the community.

Green Hills Academy - Towards Excellence!