Why Are They Beneficial To Our Society?

GM Foods Will Provide Healthier Alternatives

GM (genetically modified) foods have been proven to contain much more benefits in health rather than none GM foods. These include:
  • Longer shelf life.
  • Many GM foods have already taken effect, such as low-calorie sugar beets and oils with lower saturated fat content.
  • Nutritional advantages (high-fiber corn and high-starch potatoes).
  • Farmers typically produce GM crops using fewer pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers.
  • "Golden rice," can tell our bodies to generate more vitamin A. Vitamin-A deficiency kills two million children each year.
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BMOs Will Create Great Benefits For Our Farmers

Insects and pests destroy hectares after hectares of crops. With genetically modified crops that resist pests, growers can avoid destruction of crops and sell their foods for less cost.

  • By using a particular herbicide, dead plants can be lain on the ground instead of plowed into the ground, reducing the possibility of soil erosion by 70%. Farmers annualy lose a total of 25 billion tons of topsoil through runoff and wind.
  • To prevent freezing, scientists are developing antifreeze genes into tomato plants.
  • Genetically modified plants can yield up to triple the amount of crop yields, without any additional farmland.

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GM Technology Will Help The Environment

In the United States, farmers use 970 million tons of insect and plant killers every year. Pesticides linger onto plants and soil, eventually ending up into animals who consume contaminated food. The rest washes into groundwater and streams.

  • With genetically modified crops that has its own ability to protect itself against predators, farmers can use much less pesticides, helping the environment.

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