Of Mice and Men

Candy's Description

Candy is a ranch worker that is getting old and has seen many years at work. He had lost one of his hands in an accident. He brings up the accident many times in the story.

Candy's Goals

Candy has wanted to live on his own land so he can work as he chooses. He plans to buy a farm with George soon in the future. He feels as if he is useless if he doesn't keep believing in his dreams. That if he doesn't take a chance to leave the ranch, he will be doing the same job for the rest of his life.

Candy's Traits

Now Candy spoke his greatest fear. "You an' me can get that little place, can't we, George? You an' me can go there an' live nice, can't we, George? Can't we?"

Candy's Fear

Candy wanted to get away from the ranch, because of its abusive methods. He wanted to not have to work as others choose. The theme that Candy shows is that, "No matter what happens, keep believing in your dream."

Death of Candy's Dog

Candy's dog was getting old and started to lose its use. So the workers decided that the dog needed to be killed. This shows the theme of, "When an object loses its use."

Of Mice And Men Shooting Of Candy's Dog