safe babies to sleep

What to do or not do


Do put babies to sleep alone and on thier backs.

do put babies in cribs or on other firm surface with tight-

fitting bottom sheets. lf the baby leaves an impression on the mattress,the surface is too soft.

do keep babies lightly and control the room temperature.

70 degrees is ideal.

do breast feed and use pacifiers. both are linked to a lower risk of sudden death.

do share the information in this brochure with friends,relatives,babysitters,and other who may put your baby to sleep when you are away.


don't put a baby to sleep with blankets, pillows, stuffed animals, or pads inside the crib.

don't cover a baby's face or allow a baby to cover his or her face with anything.

don't let an infant sleep with older children.

don't ever sleep with an infant if you are unusually tired or if you are drunk or under the influence of illegal drugs or any medicine that makes you groggy.

don't put a baby to sleep on chairs,sofas, futons,beanbags,or cushions.

don't put a baby to sleep on a soft mattress such as pillow -tops, water- beds,

or memory foam.if the baby leaves an impression in the mattress, it's too soft.

don't expose a baby to second - hand smoke.