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IT Information Analyst

company Details

UK Recruitment Weaver Vale Housing Trust



Web Address: www.uk-recruitment.net

Job Description


Weaver Vale Housing Trust have an exciting opportunity for an IT Information Analyst to join the team based in Northwich. This IT Information Analyst is an exciting opportunity for someone interested in working within a busy customer focused IT team, who is seeking a challenging working environment that also offers variety and a chance to contribute to the success and development of a key service within the housing trust.

Skills Required

Specific/Technical-Very Knowledgeable on Servers

  • This is a very key skill to have for this job.
  • You will be using Microsoft SQL server.
  • This would allow you to be a leading IT information analyst because you will be able to use our server.

General- Team Work

  • You would be required to work as part of a team.
  • This would allow you to complete tasks quicker.
  • You should be able bring new elements into the business to improve the qualities of the team.

Soft- Enthusiastic

  • The ideal candidate must be enthusiastic
  • This is so jobs can be complete to an excellent standard because you are enthusiastic about getting it done well.
  • You also need to be enthusiastic about new ideas from the team.