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Refuse to be Average

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New Teacher Induction Program

New teachers, please complete the HOMEWORK from our Classroom Design and Organization (Part 1) Session by the end of the school day on Monday 9/19/16!


  • Watch the 2 Edpuzzle videos below
  • Complete the #ObserveMe Feedback Form as you watch the videos
  • Bring this back as your Entrance ticket to our next meeting on 9/19/16
  • Be ready to discuss :0)

In our Learning Meeting Monday we will focus on: How to Launch class, Essential Question, Pacing, Getting Students' Attention, Providing Feedback, How to reinforce behaviors, and Closing out class.
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Grouping Tool

Our great inspire leader, Ms. Dickson has created a grouping format template that may familiar to some if you are familiar with Kagan! Checkout the video below that expalins how you can use this awesome tool.

Click Here to steal this awesome template: https://crowleyisdtx-my.sharepoint.com/personal/kristin_thrasher_crowley_k12_tx_us/Documents/Instructional%20Design%20and%20Resources/HFS%20Grouping%20Mat%20(1).pdf

What Is Kagan?
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Scholastic Book Fair Community Plan

H.F. Stevens will be hosting the Scholastic Book Fair in the Library September 26-30 in hopes to raise money for the library.

We have already planned to make sure that all students visit the fair through their English class, but it would be great to get the community involved. Salge has proposed that we go straight elementary and host breakfasts for parents and family.

Community Breakfast Proposed Schedule:

Monday- Muffins with Mom

Tuesday-Donuts with Dad

Wednesday-Gravy with Grandparents

Thursday-Tacos with Tias and Tios

Friday-Flapjacks with Family

How can you help?

• Everyone to talk it up

• Donate supplies/food

• Volunteers to cook and serve

If you are able to help, please message Salge or Thrasher!

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Data Folders

Many have reached out about how data should look in your classroom. If you are already Analyzing Data in class you probably have a system that works for you and that is FANTASTIC! If not, here are some tools that may help you get started: http://hfseaglessoar.weebly.com/classroom-design-and-instructional-resources.html
Matisyahu - One Day (YouTube Version)