Noticing Zero

A description of Zero

Character's appearence

Zero is a charter in the novel "Holes". He is small, skinny, poor, has curly dark hair, and is African America, found on page 37.

The character's actions

In this novel Zero digs, looks over Stanley's shoulder as Stanley writes a letter to his mom, found on page 46. Zero also spits in his 5-foot wide and 5-foot deep hole, found on page 37. Zero smiles when Stanley blames his no good-dirty-rotten-pig stealing-great-great-grandfather, found on page 57.

What the character says

Zero says "Did the shoes have red X's on the back?", found on page 58. " What she say?", found on page 75. He also said "I like to dig holes", found on page 58.

What others say about the charater

they say that Zero is weird,found on page 37. They say I don't like when you read over my shoulder, found on page 81. They also tell him there's nothing in his head, found on page 19