When was it discovered?

Jordan was founded on May 25, 1946. Jordan is bordered Saudi Arabia to the south and the east, Iraq to the north east, Syria to the north, Natural Gas was discovered in Jordan in 1987.

Population Graph

This is the population in our country

National Holidays!

The National Holidays in Jordan are New Years Day, Muhammad's Birthday, March equinox, Good Friday, Easter Day, Labor Day and many others. Thats just a few Holidays that they celebrate in jordan.
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Relative Location

Is located in the middle east on the banks of Palestine and the Dead Sea
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Absolute Location

31.9500 N, 35.9333 E

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Human Characteristics

The Abdoun bridge the only cable bridge in Jordan, There stone carvings all over the desert.

The Abdoun Bridge was commenced on December 14, 2002.

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