First Grade News

November 17-21

Students from China

It was another quick week in first grade. We had special visitors on Wednesday, a group of 4 Chinese high school boys and their teacher, Shao Ting Chung. Shao is an old friend of mine, and her students are required to have service learning experinces in our community. The boys were wonderful. They taught your children about the Chinese Zodiac signs and the story behind them. Then they taught the kids how to make an origami horse and answered a lot of questions about life in China and life at their boarding school- Christ School. We had a great time and your children were so interested and polite to our 'visiting teachers'.


We have a few needs in our classroom... and outside the room. Here's the short list in case you can help us out...
1. Our turtle habitat needs a little TLC. The wire fence was pulled up and our sign is not secure. If you would like to work with a small group of kids to make these small repairs, let me know! Best time- between 8-9 or 9:45-10:45 most days.
2. Our chart stand was accidentally broken last week. We need someone to make a repair- it's more a 'puzzle-type' of repair and not a big time commitment-type of repair. We've lost a small part that hangs one of the wipe-off boards and we'd love to put that board back up because we use it a lot.
3. Our aquarium needs a little TLC. I have the pump/filter running again. I put 4 fish and a catfish in. The next day, all of the fish were dead, except the catfish. I need someone to help who knows a bit more than I do!
4. I'd like for someone to help me hang a pocket chart from the ceiling which can come up and down easily. This is another 'puzzle-type' problem.

Picture Book Month- Check your child's backpack TODAY!

Your children and our class are all in a 'picture book reading contest.' Most of the kids said they had plenty of books at home, other kids were able to check out extra books from the library yesterday. READ! READ! READ! Your kids have a sheet in their backpacks to record their books. We'll turn all of this in to the library at the end of the week and see if our class wins for 'most books read.' We'll be reading a ton of books at school all week, too! FUN!

Holiday Cafeteria Lunch- This Thursday at 10:45

We have 10 parents coming to eat lunch with us. You should arrive at school by 10:40. We'll wash up and then head down to the cafeteria at this time. We stay in the cafeteria until 11:15. If the weather is nice this day, we may be able to come back to our room to eat inside and outside, or use the picnic tables outside the cafeteria.

Clothing Drive

Asheville City Preschool- drop clothing off here and we'll send it over.

Help support our Preschool families by donating gently used young children’s clothing

Sizes 3T-6 are most needed, especially pants

Donations to our clothing closet are welcome anytime or you can drop clothes off

at Isaac Dickson until December 4th.

Donations received prior to December 4 will go to families through our annual Holiday Swap.

Please Drop clothes with Maggie Donahue (IDES School Counselor)

Thank you for your support of the Asheville City Schools community!

Also- our K-1 kids are always in need of clothing at school. Socks, underwear, pants, shirts, sweaters, coats. We have some storage space in the K pod which is really handy when a child needs a quick change of clothes. If you have things you can donate, bring them in.

don't forget... winter holiday program.

Winter Holiday Program!

Our fabulous winter holiday program will be held December 16, 2014 at 7 pm at AHS.